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Upcoming Trips

Date Focus Team Leader
July 17-August 1 NW Pediatric Medical Team Mary Renner
July 19-31 UM Trinity Youth Lisa Closner
August 2-13 Bethel Water Team Kim Stephens
October 21-31 School/Village Support Gary & Sylvia Thacker
November 12-22 Christmas Prep Kim & Rick Stephens

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What to expect on a trip

People tell us that each time they go on one of our trips that they expect to bless the kids but end up being blessed themselves!   It’s an amazingly rewarding experience to spend time helping out at the Worldwide Heart to Heart Children’s Village because you instantly fall in love with the kids.   Please see the different trips and teams that are planned this year to see if you are interested in going.

What can you expect on a trip?   You can expect to work hard , play and enjoy time with the kids and learn what the Honduran culture is all about.  You don’t have to specialize in anything in particular other than having a heart to serve wherever needed!

So, what does a typical trip look like?

Most trips are a minimum of 8 days as traveling takes 1 day on either end – a day to get there and a day to get back home.   Depending on where your team comes from, you will either meet up in your origination city or meet up together in Houston. Then you will all fly together to San Pedro Sula (SAP).   Once you arrive in San Pedro Sula, you are picked up by staff members of Worldwide Heart to Heart and taken to the place you will stay, which is either the Flamingo Hotel or the Children’s Village itself.   This will be determined by your team leader and the size of your group.

Where do we stay?

Depending on the size of your group and the determination of your team leader, you will either stay at the Flamingo Hotel located in Omoa or at the Children’s Village.   The Children’s Village can only accommodate smaller groups so most times you will stay at the Flamingo Hotel, located on the shores of the Gulf of Honduras,  about 35 minutes away from the Children’s Village   No matter where you stay, you will love your time here!

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What is required to consider going?

Each person will need to fill out an application which will be provided by your team leader.  This application will include a background check since we are serving among the children at the Children’s Village.  You will also need to be current on all your immunizations, so please see your doctor at least 2 months before leaving to ensure you are up to date.   You will need a current valid US Passport as well.

How much can I expect the trip to cost?

The total cost of a trip ranges from $1800 – $2500 depending on a number of factors including cost of airfare, which fluctuates frequently, length of your stay and the type of trip you are going on.  These costs cover all the in-country fees including transportation, food, exit fee and any service fees while you are in Honduras.   Your team leader will have exact cost details for you.

Do I need to be concerned about security in Honduras while there?

Traveling in Honduras like any foreign country can be dangerous and you must always stay with your group at all times.   Your group leader will have specific recommendations and guidelines so please be sure and ask your leader any and all questions you might have about security.

What should I pack?

First of all, each group that travels brings down lots of supplies for the trip and usually uses each traveler’s “check-in” bag capacity which means that you will need to pack everything into a carry-on bag.   Remember, this is Honduras, where it is typically very hot, so bring conservative, summer or athletic clothing which is lighter and easier to fit into a carry-on.   Here is a quick list of things to bring.Your team leader will give you a comprehensive list prior to your travel:

  • Bible
  • Clothing should be lightweight, comfortable, and conservative. It will be warm – 80’s-90’s and humid!  Scrubs work well for clinics.
  • Airline ticket & up-to-date Passport – Also, take a photo copy of each to keep in your suitcase
  • Small foldup rain gear – just in case
  • Stainless-Steel Water Bottle for your daily water drinking needs.
  • Spanish/English dictionary
  • Small backpack to carry things to/from clinics or from Omoa to the Children’s Village
  • Hidden wallet (under shirt or pants) to put your passport and $$.
  • Small waist pack for things like Purell, Kleenex, pen, etc.
  • Swim sandals, swimsuit, Tshirt cover for swimming
  • Hangers – Clothes get damp if left in your suitcase from humidity
  • Powdered Gatorade or other electrolyte supplement (to add to bottled water)
  • Tylenol or ibuprofen, PeptoBismal or TUMS, antidiarrheal, other travel meds
  • Motion sickness med if needed for bus rides
  • Chapstick with sun screen, sun screen lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Small packs of Kleenex
  • Personal toiletries: shampoo, toothpaste, etc (you can buy many “travel-sized” ones at Target)
  • Insect repellant with 15-30% DEET / Bounce dryer sheets work well too!
  • Disinfectant wipes; alcohol-based hand cleaner like Purell  (at least 60% alcohol)
  • Bandanas (to soak up sweat…) 1 for each day.
  • Personal medications
  • Anti-itch medications in case you get a bug bite
  • Comfort foods and snacks
  • Camera and extra batteries
  • Small halogen flashlight and extra batteries

Note for all liquids:   Liquids must pass the airline’s carry-on standards.  Please visit for the latest rules.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes if you follow these guidelines:

  1. Drink bottled water and never tap water.  The Flamingo hotel offers plenty of bottled water which you can use.  Note:  you even need to use the bottled water to brush your teeth!
  2. Use the purified water at the Children’s village.   Your team leader will show you where you can refill your water bottle.

Note:  you should consider bringing some small powdered Gatorade or other electrolyte supplement to add to your water bottle and plan on drinking more than you think you need because it is very hot in Honduras and staying hydrated is priority one! 

Volunteer Opportunities

IMG_1405 (640x373)

There are many ways that you can get involved helping Worldwide Heart to Heart. There are people who love going to Honduras to serve on one of the mission trips. Equally important are those who love to serve by getting involved here in the United States. Below are some volunteer opportunities that you can consider and we would like to thank you in advance for helping out in any way possible:

Volunteering on one of the mission trips to Honduras

You don’t have to specialize in anything in particular other than having a heart to serve and help wherever needed! However, we can always use people who have certain skills such as:

  • Medical professionals including Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and medical students
  • Specific trades such as electricians, painters, plumbers, carpenters, etc as we are always doing maintenance on the Children’s village, Medical Clinic and more.
  • Organizing skills for sorting donated items, cleaning up storage or putting the H2H office in order for example
  • Soccer skills (coaching, previous player, etc): Guess what the #1 sport is in Honduras? Futbol. Not American Football – Soccer! If you want to see one of our kids instantly smile, then just start kicking a ball around with them. They love to play and they are very good at it!
  • Photographer or Videographer – we are always looking for ways that we can have the latest and greatest photos, or videos and appreciate if you want to come and use your talents to do that for us. As you can see on this website, we use a lot of media!

Volunteering here in the United States

If it’s not your thing to travel to hot-Honduras, then no problem, we can always use your help from here! Here are few ideas of things we always need help with:

  • Helping rally people at your workplace or church to fill our container with the needed items
  • Helping load the containers each July or August when we ship our annual container from Portland to Honduras!
  • Writing letters to the children
  • Praying for the organization as a whole and the children and leaders of Worldwide Heart to Heart
  • Telling a friend about Worldwide Heart to Heart and how much the children need our love and support

Giving Gifts to the kids

IMG_6418 IMG_6415 IMG_6413 Picture5

Giving to one of the Worldwide Heart to Heart kids is easy and very rewarding. Giving gifts enhances your relationship with your child and is another way to show them you care. There are three opportunities to give gifts during the year. They are:

  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Children’s Day (September)

Due Dates for sending gifts: February 15, May 15, July 15, October 15

Here are some tips for giving gifts:

  • Choose an age appropriate gift. (see ideas below)
  • Consider the size of the gift you are buying. All presents go to the Children’s Village in a suitcase with a team member and space is limited!
  • One main gift or a number of small to medium items is a good amount. Be careful to not send too many things because we try to give each child the same amount and some children have more than one sponsor who buys for them.
  • Do not wrap your gift. Please include a gift bag, tissue and signed gift card. Don’t forget to include a photo of yourself!
  • Send your gift early to assure it gets to your child before their birthday. See this year’s Due Dates above.
  • Christmas gifts can be sent any time of the year. They are kept in a special Christmas tub until Christmas Eve when our children open their presents.
  • If you do not have a particular child you are sponsoring but would like to donate to a child without a gift, go to our Gift Suggestion at the bottom of this page. When you send the gift please include a gift bag, tissue and a signed gift card. Don’t forget to include a photo of yourself! Mail it to the address below and specify that it is for any child in need of a gift.

Mail all gifts to:When we receive a gift from a sponsor it is sent to the Children’s Village with the next Correspondence Team. The gift is put in a large tub for the month of your child’s birthday where it waits until the birthday celebration!

WWH2H, Attn: Lisa Closner, PO Box 3275 , Clackamas, OR 97015

If you have any questions email Lisa, or Contact Us.

Gift Ideas for Christmas

Girls ages 2-5

  • Baby dolls
  • Play kitchen things
  • Doll strollers
  • Games that are age appropriate
  • Dress up clothes
  • Play things (cash registers, telephones, computers )

Boys Ages 1-5

  • Play toys, trucks and trains
  • Play phones, computers cash registers.
  • Games that are age appropriate
  • Play action figures such as “Buzz Lightyear”

Girls ages 6-11

  • Barbie’s(modest clothing please)
  • Games that are age appropriate
  • Art and Craft supplies
  • Small electronic type games
  • Clothes, jewelry, purses,
  • Toys that are appropriate and do not compromise that morals that we wish to teach the kids, marketed to the age of the child.

Boys ages 6-11

  • Remote control cars and trucks
  • Model cars
  • Hotwheels
  • Action figures (please nothing “demonic” or violent)
  • Small electronic games
  • Soccer gear (chin guards, balls, cleats, etc.)
  • watches
  • Toys that are appropriate and do not compromise the morals that we wish to teach the kids marketed to the age of the child.

Girls ages 12 and up

  • Hair straighteners
  • Clothes, purses, jewelry
  • Make up/ perfume
  • MP3 players
  • Journals/ writing and drawing books

Boys ages 12 and up

  • MP3 players
  • Soccer gear (balls, cleats, chin guards etc.)
  • Watches
  • Leatherman (pocket knives)
  • Small electronic games

These are ideas of what could work and what kids have asked for before. These are a few things to consider when purchasing your gift:

  • Please make sure that the clothing whether in pictures or words does not in any way compromise the Christian values that we are trying to teach the children.
  • Girls shorts or skirts should come to at least 1 inch above the knee.
  • With all the wonderful and talented Christian artists that are out there today please try to load music devises with music that have a good message. We don’t mind if it is rap or rock it’s the message that makes a difference to us.
  • You may send a gift bag with your gift but please do not wrap it, (they will make us unwrap it at customs)
  • Please try to keep the value of your gift between $25 and $50, as we try to give to the children “equally”.
  • Please include a picture or letter with your gift so that the child can send a thank you and can have a visual of the person/family that sent them a gift.

Corresponding with the kids

IMG_0260 IMG_6060 IMG_6059

Corresponding with a child is fun and rewarding for both the child and you! We have seen wonderful relationships develop between sponsors and their children through regular letter writing. Each year there are 3-4 opportunities to send letters (see dates below) to your child.
Here are some tips on developing a relationship through correspondence:

  • The kids love to know about your life. Tell them about yourself, your family and your interests. Keep in mind that the culture and environment they live in is different from yours. Refrain from talking about material possessions or money.
  • Speak encouragement into your child’s life by sharing scripture verses, prayers or praising their school efforts, hobbies or interests. Let your child know that you pray for them. Ask if there is a specific thing they would like prayer for.
  • Be sure to send pictures of yourself, your family and your pets. They each have a small photo album and LOVE to fill them with pictures of friends! We encourage sponsors to send photos each time they send a letter so the kids can get to know you by face.
  • You are welcome to send small, inexpensive items that can fit into a 6” X 9” envelope such as bookmarks, candy, gum or stickers. Including stationary or a blank card allows your child to have something unique to use to write back to you.
  • Letters should be simple and one-paged. This helps speed up the process of translating. Make your letter colorful and interesting by using colorful pens, stickers or other decorations.
  • You may put your letter in any envelope but do not seal it! We will need to translate and do not want to rip the envelope.

Due to the amount of translating and sorting all letters need to be received by the dates below in order to go with the next team.

Correspondence Due Dates: February 15, May 15, July 15, October 15

Mail letters to:
WWH2H, Attn: Lisa Closner,  PO Box 3275 , Clackamas, OR 97015

If you have any questions email Lisa, or Contact Us.