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The Children’s Village is located approximately 50 miles south of Puerto Cortes where we raise and take care of 80 children. On the 8-acre property, the Village has separate facilities for our boys, girls and toddlers/babies.This year we have added a K-1 school to provide the best education for our children and have plans to expand this further.The WWH2H Children’s Village is an amazing place. For a blessing you will never forget, please come visit us sometime on one of our many teams that go each year from the US.For more information contact WWH2H at (509) 427-8585 or info@h2hcv.org

The majority of the kids attended public school, but the school system is very inadequate (last year the children attended only 78 out of required 200 days in classroom due to various strikes that the schools had). Next to a knowledge of Jesus Christ, we believe education is the most important gift we can give our children.

Last year, we opened our Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st grade English Immersion School at the Children’s Village, and it has been a huge success. We were given some new computers which gave the children their first exposure to the internet!

We have now expanded our English Immersion School with a new building that houses Preschool – 12th grades in Puerto Cortes. It opened its doors August 27th, 2012. This will ensure that our kids get a great education to reach their potential!

Worldwide Heart to Heart opened a much needed medical and dental clinic in early 2011. We officially named it the Worldwide Heart to Heart Pam Roach Medical/Dental Clinic thanks to a large donation from Pam Roach.This clinic serves our children with their medical and dental needs as well as serving the surrounding community!We have a full time doctor and dentist on board as well as a nurse and a receptionist. We also have many medical and dental teams come and serve our organization in Honduras such as Medical Relief International and Mercy Ships to name a few. Many times we take the teams along with our clinic staff and head out to the surrounding villages to help those in desperate need.If you are interested in helping serve at our clinic or want to come on one of the medical clinic mission teams, please click on one of the links below:

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Fútbol.  Say the word around any of the kids and they immediately perk up and ask you if you want to play!   It’s their favorite sport.  It’s the official sport of Honduras.  It’s a lifestyle!
For the past 3 years, we have been hosting a “Soccer Academy” which is 3 days of soccer clinics (training/how-to’s/scrimmage games) to help the kids improve and expand their soccer skills.  Once this is done, then on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon (after Church), kids from both our children’s village and from the surrounding villages join together for the highly anticipated Soccer Tournament which in 2012, hosted over 210 kids spanning 3 divisions (ages 4-7, 8-12 and 13-17) making up a total of 25 teams!    We held a BBQ where the youth group from the church served 300 hotdogs and also shared the saving news of Jesus Christ to the kids and many made the decision to follow Him!
Next year will be hosting the 4th Annual Soccer Academy (most likely in August 2013) and of course, we have some incredible plans already in the works!    Interested in helping out, sponsoring the event or joining?
Contact Dave Fester if you are interested.