Children’s Village

The Children’s Village is located approximately 50 miles south of Puerto Cortes where we raise and take care of 98 children. On the 8-acre property, the Village has separate facilities for our boys, girls and toddlers/babies.


On the property we have many fun areas for the kids as well including soccer fields, basketball fields and a few swing sets.

Village2 Village5

Each of the houses are overseen by house “mommies” that oversee the day to day life where they help the children in virtually everything.   A fun fact – the village serves approximately 140,000 meals each year and over 15,000 loads of wash.


The WWH2H Children’s Village is an amazing place. For a blessing you will never forget, please come visit us sometime on one of our many teams that go each year from the US.

Village6 Village7
Village8 team pic